Comic artist Scott Koblish attending Heroes Dutch Comic Con


For comic book fans, Scott Koblish is a well known artist. He has worked on more than 600 books for Marvel and DC Comics as a penciller and also an inker. 

Scott emerged into the comic book industry during the early 1990s on a variety of Marvel titles such as GI Joe, The Punisher, Elektra, and Excalibur. In 1998, he contributed with his inks to the Star Trek/X-Men crossover “Second Contact” also for Marvel, inking the main primary cover, too. Koblish had a run on the popular Marvel superhero, Captain America, as an inker over penciller Ron Garney. 

Koblish also had a long career as a penciller, working for DC (Primal Age), Disney (The Jet Pack Pets), Platinum Comics (The Weapon) and Marvel (Iron Fist, Uncanny X-Men: First Class, Marvel Adventures Iron Man). His most popular work was his recent 6-year run as an artist on Deadpool for Marvel. He is also the author of his own book: The Many Deaths of Scott Koblish.

Scott currently resides in Burbank, California where, aside from his work as a comic artist, he’s also a musician and a songwriter. He publishes most of his musical work on his personal blog and his YouTube channel. He likes to attend comic conventions, where he gets to interact with fans, show them his original art and create personalized commissions upon request.

Scott Koblish is present both days of Heroes Dutch Comic Con. He will meet his fans and hand out signatures. 

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