This is how to get your cosplay outfit on the Crowd Canvas

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Cartoonist, artist Rames Sjambar creator of the Crowd Canvas, will make The Cosplayers Canvas for the Spring Edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Con in Utrecht. This canvas will be dedicated to the fans of the popular convention.
‘Next to all the special activities that are there to do at the Heroes Dutch Comic Con, the cosplayers are the main attraction for me. It’s fenomenal to see all these costumed heroes and villains wandering by’, says Rames.
That’s why he draws the cosplayers on the special Cosplayers canvas, which consist of two large drawings. These line drawings in ink, 2×3 metres large will be coloured by the public.

The artist is proud to make his canvasses for the fifth time in row for this convention.
Rames: ‘With this for me jubilee edition I wanted to make something special which has resulted in the creation of a canvas dedicated to the fans.’

Colouring of the Cosplayers canvas starts on Saturday at 10:00 at de Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. Participation in the colouring activity is free!

Cosplayers who would love to get drawn on the canvas can sign up till 28 februari!

Send a photo of your complete cosplay outfit to Rames will make a selection of the cosplayers that will be drawn on the canvas. 

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