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Dear visitor ,

We have received a lot of feedback and responses following the additional safety measures we announced earlier this week. We would like to take this opportunity to explain the situation in more detail.  

After the shooting incident of last Monday in Utrecht many people felt angry, disheartened and deeply saddened. First and foremost we wish to express our deepest sympathies with the people that were injured and to the family and friends of those who lost their lives in this tragedy. 
At the same time we feel motivated to stay strong and not let this tragedy get us down. Especially in these trying times we stand strong together! 

Heroes Dutch Comic Con has always been seen as a safe harbour for all, an event where anyone should feel safe and welcome. Every precaution we have taken is to ensure the safety of our visitors, exhibitors, special guests and everyone else involved with the event. This is our number one priority. And in part thanks to these additional safety measures we are able to keep the programming of the event as planned. If we are all considerate of the situation there is nothing standing in our way to make this a fantastic edition once more. 

Following the advice of the police we have taken some precautional safety measures regarding public order and safety. This is not limited to the event itself but also to the when visitors are on their way to the event. Cosplay including decorative / fake weaponry has long been an important part of the event. But in light of this recent development we wish to express that we need to avoid any doubts people might have regarding props. We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation. 

At all times we put the community first. And because of that we simply cannot avoid taking extra precautions. But with this message we would like to give you some additional information so each and every visitor is aware of what is and what is not allowed. 

Rules regarding props
Again we need to express the importance of making sure that we all avoid any kind of doubt or confusion around prop weapons. Not only on the show floor but also on your way to and from the Jaarbeurs Utrecht complex. Because of the sheer number of people visiting the event it is impossible for us to evaluate all prop weapons individually beforehand. So we would like to give some nuances and directions for which props are allowed and which ones are not. 

Not allowed: fake weapons and props that cannot be distinguished as clearly fake. 
Here are some examples of props that for sure should not be taken to the event – no matter what material they are made of. 

  • pistols
  • revolvers
  • rifles
  • grenades
  • ammunition
  • flintlocks 
  • knives 
  • swords 
  • sabers
  • rapiers 
  • axes
  • spears
  • bow and arrow
  • staffs
  • canes (crutches for medical reasons are allowed)

As a general rule of thumb for this spring edition all fake weapons no matter what material will be strictly forbidden. Does your character in cosplay use a weapon from this list it is safe to assume that your prop weapon will not be allowed. If you have any doubts whether or not your prop is allowed then please leave it at home just to be sure and to avoid any disappointments. We simply cannot judge each individual prop beforehand in this short amount of time. Please use your common sense to determine if your prop is appropriate or not. If you do bring a prop that resembles a (fake) weapon chances are likely that this prop will be confiscated.

Allowed: props that cannot be mistaken for (fake) weapons

  • Shields
  • Small magic wands (i.e. Harry Potter wands)
  • Glasses
  • Wings
  • Tails
  • Bracelets
  • Horns

As a general rule of thumb any prop that is clearly not a (fake) weapon is allowed. But in any case we kindly request you keep your props hidden from plain sight when travelling to and from the event location.

Prop Control
You can bring any allowed props through the main entry. After the ticket scan any prop will be properly checked by safety examiners. Don’t take any chances and make sure your props are according tot he rules explained above. 

Buying props from exhibitors
Exhibitors are briefed regarding the current situation and the safety precautions we have taken. There are additional rules regarding the selling of props but this does not affect the products on offer. Do you plan on buying a prop from one of our exhibitors? Please make sure together that your prop is well packed and kept from sight and is not identifiable to the general public.  

Rules regarding bags

The rule that we do not allow bags on the show floor will stay in place. Please read below how we have made sure that you can still shop all you want and also how you can bring items from home to the event. We will also explain how visitors that need to carry a bag with them can still access the event.

Four tips: 

  • Leave any items you don’t need at home
  • Bring a transparant bag for any items brought from home that you need on the show floor. The Heroes Dutch Comic Con organisation will also hand out strong transparant bags with the following dimensions: 37x44cm. These will be available at the main entry, the wardrobes and on the show floor. 
  • Bring a small purse or pencil case with you (no larger than 12x18cm) for any valuable items you wish to keep close during your visit. You can bring this through the main gate where you will be checked but you will not need to clear the extra bag checks. 
  • Use the guarded wardrobes in the corridor of the Jaarbeurs where you can safely store your personal items (1,50 EUR per item). You can also bring a larger bag for any items you don’t need on the show floor just to store items. During the show you can always access your bag from the wardrobe. Accessing your bag is free of charge just as long as you return it for safekeeping right away. 

Any need to bring bag onto the show floor? 
There is a separate entry for visitors for whom it is essential to bring a bag with them into the event. An extensive safety check is in place here so please keep in mind that there can be a bit of a waiting line here. Checked bags will be tagged with a strap so our security staff and other visitors can see that the bag has been inspected. We kindly request your understanding and cooperation here. 

Examples where bringing a bag into the event is allowed: 
– For medical reasons (please try and bring a medical paspport or certificate with you) 
– A camera bag for photo or video equipment (as long as the equipment suits our general terms and conditions) 
– Press items (only in combination with validated press accreditation) 
– Items necessary for the care of babies and small children 

Examples of situations where you do not need to bring your own bag into the event:
– To purchase items at the event 
– To bring food and beverage items (for non-medical purposes)

We want to underline that we regret having to take these extra safety measures and we are very much aware of the challenges this can bring for our visitors but also for us as the organisation of Heroes Dutch Comic Con. We feel very strongly about the opinions of our community but at the same time we have the obligation to ensure everyone’s safety. 

Each edition of the show we strive to create a safe place for all to meet up, to be themselves and to share common passions and fandom with all. Let’s all accomodate this by making some small adjustments and let’s have a fantastic weekend again.  


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