Will the bad guy take over Heroes Dutch Comic Con?!


This promises a lot of good! Upcoming edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Con Sakuraflor and Stylouz Cosplay will be the hosts of the Cosplay Contest. During the show on Saturday you will see them as Deku and Wolfram from My Hero Academia, but it looks like Wolfram is plotting to take over HDCC! Join team Deku during the Cosplay Contest to stop him!

It’s going to be a great show again, so be sure you don’t miss it at November 23rd and 24th.

Watch the video, Sakuraflor needs your help!

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Voice actor Matthew Sussman is joining Ted Lewis during HDCC!

Matthew Sussman has worked on movies and tv shows including The Sopranos, Sex and the City and Law and Order. As a voice actor he worked on many anime dubs, primarily for 4Kids Entertainment. He was the original voice of Meowth in “Pokémon” as well as creating the voice of Slowking in “Pokémon the Movie.” He also voiced Gravos and King Moros in Slayers Next.

Heroes Dutch Comic Con Summer 2024 DnD mini!

At Heroes Dutch Comic Con, VIPs can once again look forward to a special surprise in their goodie bag: a unique King miniature! But this is where the adventure truly begins. This King is waiting for your personal touch, which means: adding color!

Voice actor Ted Lewis is coming to HDCC!

He was also one of the original voice actors hired by 4kids to work on Pokemon back in 1999, there he voiced iconic characters such as James, Giovanni, Gengar, Snorlax, Haunter, Tracey Sketchit and many more.