Beverly Hills 90210 veteran and Sharknado cult hero Ian Ziering will attend Heroes Dutch Comic Con.

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Beverly Hills 90210 superstar and Sharknado cult hero Ian Ziering will attend Heroes Dutch Comic Con.

The American Ian Ziering became an international superstar in the nineties with his role as Steve Sanders in the popular teen drama series Beverly Hills 90210 (1990 – 2000), in which Ziering starred all ten seasons. Ian and his colleagues from the original cast are currently starring in a reboot of the television series, BH90210 (2019). The television special premiered at FOX last summer.

Today, Ziering is best known as the leading actor Fin Shepard from SyFy Channel’s television film Sharknado (2013). During the TV premiere of the film, more than 5,000 tweets were performed per minute. Sharknado (2013) became an instant cult classic and resulted in a cinema release for the film. The resounding success of Sharknado (2013), starring Ian, eventually led to five sequels, all of which were received with undiminished enthusiasm from the fans.

Ian Ziering will be present both days of the event. Visitors can meet him during a Meet and Greet session, ask questions during the Q&A’s on the Main Stage, get a signature from him and take a picture with him in the photobooth. Read more about Ian.

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