Information about bag and prop/fake-weapons check

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We would like to inform you about the bag and prop/fake weapon checks during the winter edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Con. We ask you to read the information carefully. 

Props / fake weapons 

Did you bring a prop or a fake weapon? Always have them checked at the props control. 

This year’s prop check will be located in front of the entrance, in contrast to other years.

Visitors with a prop or fake weapon should have it checked before they enter the event. The approved prop or fake weapon will be provided with a strap. 

You can only enter the event, if your prop or fake weapon is provided with a band. 

Bag check

After scanning your entrance ticket at the entrance, there will be a bag check. Bags are allowed, but a check will take place. In order to speed up the waiting line, visitors can choose to leave their bags in the cloakroom in the corridor of the Jaarbeurs. 

No bag? Then you can go straight through. 

Wardrobe and changing rooms

The cloakrooms and changing rooms can be found in the general area of the Jaarbeurs (the corridor).

Buffer zone

This year there will be no buffer zone, like you may remember from previous editions of HDCC. The meeting place now will be in front of the entrance, in the general area of the Jaarbeurs (the corridor). 

Therefore, it is not possible to scan your entrance ticket from 9 a.m. and wait until 10 a.m. in the buffer zone until the event opens. Actually, not much is going to change compared to previous years, only you will now be waiting in the general area of the Jaarbeurs instead of in the buffer zone. In this general area of the Jaarbeurs you will also find facilities such as toilets, cloakrooms and changing rooms. 


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