Chandler Riggs cancelled for winter edition Heroes Dutch Comic Con


Last night we have received a sad message from one of our Special Guests. Unfortunately, Chandler Riggs has cancelled his visit to the winter edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Con because of a private situation. In a personal video he tells his fans that he is in the hospital and can’t be there this weekend. Chandler says he was really looking forward to meeting you and is very upset about the situation.

The organization of Heroes Dutch Comic Con explains: “This is a huge disappointment, especially for his fans. However, this is beyond our control. We want to emphasize that Chandler was really willing to come, but that something has happened that makes it impossible for him. We hope he will recover soon and hope to welcome him in the future.”

Visitors who have bought a Photobooth- and/or Meet & Greet-ticket for Chandler will be contacted shortly by Paylogic and will get their refund as soon as possible.

We hope that, despite the disappointment, you can still enjoy everything that Heroes Dutch Comic Con has to offer. Having five halls packed with amazing content, Heroes Dutch Comic Con is bigger than ever. Let’s make it a fantastic and memorable weekend anyways!

We wish Chandler Riggs a lot of strength and recovery.

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