Participate in the Fantastic Stories Competition 2020


Do you like writing and do you have a great idea for a story? Then participate in the Heroes Dutch Comic Con Fantastic Stories Competition! This story contest, organized in association with the American Book Center and publisher Zilverspoor, is the time to show off your writing skills. The award ceremony will be during the Heroes Dutch Comic Con edition in March 2020 and it will be a very special ceremony this time.

We have come up with something special for this edition. Because not only will the stories of the ten finalists be printed as usual in the Fantastic Stories Competition story collection, but also students of the Amsterdam Media College will transform the winning story into a real animation film! And for the number two and three runner-up we will also have a special surprise.

For five weeks, under the professional guidance of teachers from the Drama and Games Design departments, the students will transform the winning story from black letters on a white page into a color festival of animations on the screen. The animation of the winning story will be shown to the public at the presentation of the Fantastic Stories Competition on the Cozy Corner stage during Heroes Dutch Comic Con in March 2020.

Theme: Games
The theme for this edition is Games. From Settlers of Catan to Fortnite, from Quidditch to The Hunger Games, games and play are inextricably linked to our lives and humanity as a whole. Games are therefore an inexhaustible source of inspiration for fantastic stories.

This time we are looking for original stories in which Games play an important role. From futuristic sports competitions on distant planets to political games in a fantasy world with dragons, surprise the jury and the audience with a story in which you playfully give your own twist to the theme Games.

Conduct Fantastic Stories Competition
From 1 December to 31 December you can submit your story. Just like the previous times you will be able to upload your story via our website. The upload link will be online a few days before December.

In January an expert jury will select ten finalists from all the entries. The finalists will be announced on Friday 7 February and their stories will be posted online. The public will then have the opportunity to vote for the best story from 7 to 14 February. After this, the students of the Amsterdam Media College will start to work on animating the story. The presentation of the winning story and screening of the animated film will be during the Heroes Dutch Comic Con in March 2020

Rules to participate in the Story Competition

  • All genres are allowed (scifi, fantasy, horror, YA, etc, etc) as long as it contains a fantastic element and fits the theme games.
  • Stories can have a maximum of 2000 words.
  • No fan-fiction about video game characters or franchises that are copyrighted (so no stories about Mario, Zelda, Kratos or a Harry Potter Quidditch competition, etc, etc.)
  • Stories can be written in both English and Dutch.

Do you have a fantastic idea for a story or are you sure your people will be amazed by your plot twists? Then start writing and maybe you will see your own story on the big screen during Heroes Dutch Comic Con in 2020!

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