Show your cosplay during the Online Cosplay Contest!

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Have you worked so hard the last weeks or months on your cosplay outfit for Heroes Dutch Comic Con or maybe some other event that has been moved to another date and are you disappointed that you can’t or can’t show it now?

That’s why Heroes Dutch Comic Con is organizing the Online Cosplay Catwalk together with Sakuraflor and Hype Creations! Follow the Heroes Dutch Comic Con Instagram stories on 27 March from 12.00 pm and see all the beautiful cosplayers online. The show will stay online for 24 hours.

After that, 3 winners will be chosen who will win an awesome goodie bag, sponsored by Hype Creations.

Let’s make it a great show for all the people at home and all the cosplayers who have worked so hard on their outfit!

Do you want to join the Online Cosplay Catwalk and show off your outfit?
Make a short video or photo of your cosplay outfit this week and place it on your own Instagram story between 9.00 am and 12.00 noon on the 27th of March with the tag @Dutchcomicon. Heroes Dutch Comic Con will then post everything on the channel.

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