Exhibitors in the Spotlights – Part 5

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During HDCC, there is plenty of opportunity to buy all kinds of collectibles. Who doesn’t leave the Jaarbeurs Utrecht with a bag full of great items, that you’ve been waiting to buy all year? This is all made possible by our exhibitors. Fortunately, it doesn’t end at what they sell during HDCC; you can visit their webshops throughout the entire year. Recently, we launched a new initiative, where we put a couple of our exhibitors in the spotlight. They have some great deals, exclusively for you! So don’t forget to check out our newspage for the next weeks.

Card Game Tokens designs the most awesome playmats for you. You can now get a €5 discount on any playmat you like. So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a new playmat full of imagination!

Could you use some new stickers? Of course you do, you can never have enough of them. ArtsicFox has a great sticker sheet with 8 stickers of Zenitsu Agatsuma and Inosuke Hashibira from the animated series Kimetsu No Yaiba. The sheet is 20cm in width and 10 cm in height with two large, four medium-sized and two small stickers. You can now get it with a great discount in their webshop. 

With this Dungeons and Dice mystery package, you will receive an awesome box. What’s in it? That will be a complete surprise. It’s a random selection of items from the store. You will only pay €100,- while the box has a value of at least €140,-. 

Even if you want a precise package, such as only minis or dice, you can request it with your order and they will keep it in mind.

Isabel from Webbelart is a Belgium-based, fantasy artist. She has experience in a wide range of areas, such as concept art, comics, illustrations and graphic design. She also sells prints, posters, charms, buttons and her own comic book, all made by herself. Especially for Heroes fans, she offers sketch commissions, both traditional and digital, so contact her through her website. 

Now with a great discount and FREE shipping in the Netherlands: the Kaomoji Japanese themed face masks! A great item for your everyday healthy needs. The masks are made from 100% cotton, they are machine washable at 60° and they have a removable 2.PM filter. 

Use the code “dutch-comic-con” for a 30% discount and free shipping.

Retrovirus: home of 80s and 90s collectables. They sell everything retro, including toys, action figures, soundtracks, VHS, rare DVDs, laserdiscs, books, horror, games, boardgames, puzzles and more!

Especially for HDCC fans, you now get a great discount on their Zero Hour B.A.D. Brigade Troops set. Remember these cool minisoldiers from the late 1980s? They have some sets available on their website. Be quick, because once these guys are sold out you’ll need a timemachine to find them again! 

You can use code DCC4LIFE upon checkout for a huge €10 discount.

During the summer time, it’s important to drink a lot. So make drinking your glass of water fun with these awesome engraved glasses from Miss Moose. You can personalize them however you like. Contact her for your order and get a great discount. 

Artist Nori Aoki (a.k.a. Tokyo Doll NL) wants to share her original Manga with you. Her story ‘the flowers blooming in the sky’ is a bittersweet love story set in times of war. Curious to find out how it ends? Get her story in paperback version in your own language (available in Dutch, English, French and German) for only €5. 

Claim your free membership to the only Comic Live Sale Group on Facebook and join their livestreams and Messenger Photo Sales. Experience an exciting new way to score your new comics and backissues!

Make sure to stay tuned, as the next batch of sales will be announced soon! Curious to what other exhibitors have already joined HDCC 2020 winter edition? You can find it here

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