Exhibitors in the Spotlights – Part 6


During HDCC, there is plenty of opportunity to buy all kinds of collectibles. Who doesn’t leave the Jaarbeurs Utrecht with a bag full of great items, that you’ve been waiting to buy all year? This is all made possible by our exhibitors. Fortunately, it doesn’t end at what they sell during HDCC; you can visit their webshops throughout the entire year. Recently, we launched a new initiative, where we put a couple of our exhibitors in the spotlight. They have some great deals, exclusively for you! So don’t forget to check out our newspage for the next weeks.

Looking for a fun and unique bag? Trukado has it all! Take a look at their extraordinary collection of merchandise, fantasy and gothic bags, accessories and more. You can now get a great discount on this Disney bag, specifically designed for your tablet. Use the code “DCC2020”.

Nekkohime sells all kinds of products with unique art printed on them, like earrings, buttons, comics and more. With a great discount on buttons, you can now get 12 DnD class buttons for only €25! Pin them anywhere: on itabags, jackets, pinboards and bags. 

Attention to anyone who is a fan of Rogier van de Beek or anyone who loves unique and personal art:  get this signed A3 Golem Art Print by Rogier van de Beek for only €15! Send him an e-mail or a direct message for more information. 

Dinesh van den Berg is the artist behind Dinocomics4ever! He’s an illustrator and animator based in the Netherlands. If you like superheroes or movie characters, you should definitely get one of his A4 prints, postcards or other cool extras. 

Posters.nl has the largest range anime, gaming, film & TV series posters. Discover their wide range of posters of top licenses such as My Hero Academia, DC Comics, Marvel, Zelda, Stranger Things and Harry Potter. If you are looking for something special to decorate your home? This poster has it all: action, superheroes, antiheroes, the enemy and a fight. All this is beautifully depicted in this detailed illustration. Add a poster frame and you’ll have eye-catching wall art! The poster is 61 x 91,5 cm and now only costs €4,95!

Inks M.D is a multi talented creator of illustrations, 3D animations, logo’s, custom artworks, 3D printed collectible models and other really cool stuff! If you want, Mel also draws you! Get a half photo or a full photo #Toonme sketch with a special Heroes discount. Send the code DUTCHCC20 to @inksmd on Instagram and Facebook to get your own #Toonme Original!

From the untamed imagination of Gothic artist Anne Stokes, this enchanting throw is exclusively available to you. Get it with a 50% discount in the webshop of Moon Collectibles

If you love music and music instruments, you should definitiely check out these homemade ocarinas. They come from a small workshop and are perfectly tuned to F-major and C-major.

Make sure to stay tuned, as the last batch of sales will be announced soon! Curious to what other exhibitors have already joined HDCC 2020 winter edition? You can find it here

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