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Two weeks ago, we asked you on Facebook to post your favourite cosplay photo. We did this to put all of our talented cosplayers in the spotlight. Within a week, we received more than 200 reactions. From these posts, we chose our favorite cosplay photos.

Every edition, we see the most spectacular and diverse cosplayers at HDCC. Therefore, we believe that cosplayers are one of the most important aspects of our event and deserve to be in the spotlight. For that reason, we asked you to post your favorite cosplay of yourself. We were blown away by the number of reactions, but above all your talent. Nevertheless, we believed that some of the cosplayers were so unique that we wanted to showcase them. Consequently, we made a list of our favorite cosplays.

Odette by @Camilla.cos

This cosplay of Odette from the movie the swan princess is absolutely gorgeous. Amber definitely shows her love of details in this picture shot by photographer Rene Mourik.

Amber makes all her cosplay costumes herself. She even wants to make this her job as she is in her daily life a Tailoring and dressmaking student.

Other characters she cosplays are Rapunzel from Tangled and Cinderella.


Grindelwald by @Tinylock_

We love this Grindelwald cosplay from the movie fantastic beasts. In this photo shot by @cameradryad1989, it is directly clear that they put so much effort into the makeup and costume.

Other cosplays they do are Captain Jack sparrow, The Mad Hatter, and Pennywise.

Elsa by @lune.merel

Another cosplay we believed is amazing is this Frozen II cosplay. In this cosplay, she shows her well-crafted costume with absolutely stunning makeup.

She continues this aesthetically pleasing way of cosplay throughout her whole Instagram feed. Other cosplays she does are Ariel from the little mermaid, Persephone from lore Olympus and many more.


Drogon by @nomi.125 and Daenerys Targaryen by his mother

We adore this duo cosplay with Noman and his mother. This example shows how cosplay could be a creative and incredibly fun activity to do with the people you love.

On his Instagram, you could see many of his amazing special effect makeup and cosplays. Such as Freddy Krueger and Lucifer.

Belle by @jaidy.bos

We were blown away by this Belle cosplay by Jaidy. From the gown to her pose, everything was done beautifully and is worthy of being in the spotlight.

Some people might also know her also from her participation in Hollands Got talent. Where she reached the semi-finals by singing in her cosplay.

Jaidy does a lot of other princess cosplays on her Instagram, such as Tinkerbell, Cinderella, and Aurora.


Valkyrie Gunnr by @maryelefay

We chose this God Of War cosplay because it looks out of this world. Due to the amount of detail and work she puts into this cosplay, she definitely deserves to be put in the spotlight.

Also, Marye makes all her beautiful cosplays herself such as Mira from the Dark Crystal, the light elf from the light of Alfheim, and many more.

Angewoman by @wolfblood_cosplay

We love this Angewoman from Digimon cosplay. We enjoy the detail and creativity she used in this cosplay. Consequently, we believed she deserved to be in the spotlight.
Other cosplays she does are Daenerys and Rosemon from Digimon and many others.


Tiny tina by @sherolo

We believed that this Borderland 3 cosplay was to cool to not put in the spotlight. In this photo shot by @Tehweiman, it is directly clear how well she thought about every detail of her cosplay.

Other cosplays she does is Maya from Borderlands, Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, and many more.

Morga by @Ashley_Ilunaneko

We love this cosplay of Morga from the game Arcana! Ashley shows her amazing costume, makeup and aesthetics in this cosplay and for that reason deserve to be in the spotlight.

Other cosplays she did are Elsa from Frozen, Alice from Alice in Wonderland, and Panty from the anime Panty and Stocking


Geralt en Ciri by @RnDCostuming

We are amazed by this incredible duo cosplay from the Witcher. This photo shot by Johan Kusters showcases this duo’s professionality and skills.
Furthermore, this couple does not only cosplay but also make all of their cosplay costumes together. Other cosplay outfits that they have made are Han Solo and Qi’ra from Starwars and many more.

Batman by @thedutchdarkknight

We were blown away by how René created this cosplay picture of The Dutch Darknight. From the photographic skills of this picture to the detail of his costume.
On his Instagram, you could find multiple photos from his interpretation of this character. So when you are interested in this character, we will recommend looking on his Instagram.


Maui by @dhmaui070

Last but not least, our favourite cosplay from the movie Moana: Maui. This cosplay shows his love for this character and his knowledge about it. For that reason, we believe that he needs to be in the spotlight.

On Instagram, he posts all about his Maui cosplay. However, he doesn’t do this alone. Namely, he cosplays together with his twins.

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