Winner of the cosplay from your closet competition: FennaCosplay

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We organised a cosplay competition on our Facebook page on the 12th of April. This competition only had one rule; The cosplay had to be made with clothes from your wardrobe. When you entered the competition, you were eligible to win an interview about your cosplay story on the Heroes Dutch Comic Con website. A lot of cosplayers participated. However, in the end, we only chose three winners.  Finally, we could reveal our last winner namely Fenna cosplay. In this article, you could find everything about her cosplay journey and what her biggest challenges have been.

Cosplay journey

Fenna won the ‘Cosplay from your closet competition’ with this Bucky cosplay. Even though her cosplay looks incredible, she normally doesn’t do closet cosplays. Namely, most of her costumes are bought. Over the years she keeps perfecting the outfits and making them more detailed.

Fenna started cosplaying because her friend started a princess company and asked if she would join. Through this experience, Fenna has cosplayed Anna of Frozen and Ariel on children’s birthdays before she even cosplayed herself. She started to enjoy this so much that her friends encouraged her to cosplay.

Nevertheless, her cosplay adventure did not all go according to plan. After a few times cosplaying she decided to have a break from cosplaying. However, when she saw the dress from Belle from the live-action movie of Beauty and the Beast, she directly knew that ‘’ She must have this dress’’. Looking back, this dress was the push she needed to find her passion for cosplay back.

This passion kept on growing the more she got into the cosplay community. She met a lot of new friends who cosplayed as well. ‘’ I met so many great people which I am utterly grateful for. The fact that I can share something so amazing without us caring what other people might think of us is just wonderful.’’

Heroes Dutch Comic Con

Fenna also looks forward to the November edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Con. Additionally, she told us that cosplayers the best part is of the convention: ‘’ Your favourite characters come to live because of the passion and love from other people.’’

Another thing she looks forward to at Heroes Dutch Comic Con is the giving and receiving of compliments. She told us that giving compliments is her favourite. By giving compliments to other cosplayers you will make their day a little better. She loves to spread this feeling.

However, she also received a lot of original compliments. Fenna told us how in 2019 she was at Heroes Dutch Comic Con and someone put a note in her hand, but before she could open it, they already were gone. On the note it said: ‘’ We love your cosplay’’. Fenna told us how special this was for her and that she will never forget that moment.

Have you become enthusiastic about Fenna? Follow her on Instagram @FennaCosplay


  • Photo of Rapunzel: @cinemarcus
  • Photo of Clara of the Nutcracker and the four realms: @mikeattingerphoto

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