Dungeons and Dragons, a quick explanation what it is about.


Stranger Things is one of the biggest series right now. In this series Dungeons and Dragons is a returning theme. But even after 4 seasons, it is still not really clear what the game is. Luckily we are here to tell you what exactly the game is that Lucas, Mike, Dustin and Will play. So now you will finally know what hellfire was really doing.

The basic idea

Dungeons and Dragons is essentially nothing more than a story told by one person, in which other people have characters they control. The person who tells the story is called the dungeon master; the people controlling characters are the players. The dungeon master is tasked with writing up the world the players will find themselves in, while the players will each make their character with a place in this world. These characters, for some reason, will find themselves involved in whatever story the dungeon master has cooked up.

The problem with playing a story

The problem with only having a story in which others can control certain people is that you, at some point, will find yourselves in disagreement. What to do when one person wants to do something, but the others say it’s impossible? This is where Dungeons and Dragons comes into play. Dungeons and Dragons has many different rulesets you can use to determine what is and is not possible. So basically, Dungeons and Dragons is a tool to turn stories into a game you can play.

What does a game of Dungeons and Dragons look like?

A game of Dungeons and Dragons is usually played by a group of 4-7 people and can be played either online or offline. In this group, you always have one Dungeon master and the others are players. This Dungeon master will describe scenes and give the information the players need. The player will then, based on the description, say what they wish to do. To check if what you want to do will succeed, the dungeon master will ask you to roll a 20-sided dice. The higher you roll the more chance that you will succeed in something. So in the end a game of Dungeons and Dragons is mostly a lot of talking in between each other with an occasional dice roll. 

Each game is different

Because Dungeons and Dragons is nothing more than a playable story, how people play can vary greatly. Some people play Dungeons and Dragons mainly as a game, spending time rolling dice to see if they beat the monsters or not. For others, it is about the opportunity to roleplay characters in fantasy worlds. Which in all honesty can be really fun, who knows this might even make stranger things the hit it is, secretly all of us want to explore the upside just a little.

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