The Cosplay Judges have been announced!


Cosplay is a key element of Heroes Dutch Comic Con. You’ll experience this even before the event has started. Whether you are coming by car, train, bicycle, UFO or dragon, you’ll probably see and meet lots of cosplayers heading towards Heroes Dutch Comic Con. Meet the Cosplay Judges for the upcoming edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Con on November 19 & 20, 2022!

Har_Fie the Cosplay, Gaming and media sensation, is coming to HDCC!

Over the last few months Har_Fie has been travelling the world bringing characters to life for companies like Riot Games, Hoyoverse and meeting his fans. This year we have had the chance to bring him to Dutch Comic con to meet you all.


Yuji Koi
Yuji Koi is a professional Vietnamese cosplayer who is currently living in Switzerland. Being one of the few
Asian cosplayers who newly moved to Europe, she is a one-person team who is capable of handling everything in order to bring her favorite character to life. Be it make up, sewing, crafting, wig styling, self-shooting and photo editing, she impressed her fans all the times with every projects she worked on. She started doing cosplay in 2011 but it was only until 2017 that her career started to bloom with many collaborations with big companies and events like:
– The Vietnam World Cosplay Summit 2017 representatives in Japan.
– 1st place in Vietnam Best Coser of the year (2014, 2015), 1st place in Cosplay Contest Anime Category in
Dubai MEFCC and many other prizes.
– Judging for Germany ECG 2022, WCS Netherlands 2022 and Gamebox Festival 2022 Denmark.

Be More Shonen
Chris Minney is the anime fitness coach! Here’s a little about him:
– He’s a competitive Cosplayer representing the U.K with his other half Nomes Cosplay (WCS 18/21 & C4).
– He’s a world record holding speed eater (both chicken nugget related!).
– He’s an international cosplay judge appearing in many countries!
– He’s an ABPU powerlifter with a peak 480kg total.
Chris Minney documents his anime inspired life on social media with a combined audience of 170k+
followers. His username ‘Be More Shonen’ is a mantra for anime fans, a mantra that embodies those epic anime stories that we all love. It’s his mission to combine those stories with tested mindset principles, proven exercise science, and a no nonsense approach to nutrition to create real life super heroes (or villains!)

Nomes Cosplay
Nomes is a cosplay veteran of 12 years from the United Kingdom (UK). She has represented the UK in a plethora of world class cosplay contests most notably finishing 3rd at the World Cosplay Summit in 2021 and placing 1st at Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup finals in 2022 inning occasions with her other half, Be More Shonen.

Nomes loves to take a character design and add her own creative customisations to the costume based on her interpretation of the character’s personality, lifestyle and surroundings. She is passionate about sharing knowledge; text, picture and video tutorials as well as cosplay-related social and historical discussions all freely available on her social media platforms. Ask her about wigs! 😉

More to explorer

Voice actor Matthew Sussman is joining Ted Lewis during HDCC!

Matthew Sussman has worked on movies and tv shows including The Sopranos, Sex and the City and Law and Order. As a voice actor he worked on many anime dubs, primarily for 4Kids Entertainment. He was the original voice of Meowth in “Pokémon” as well as creating the voice of Slowking in “Pokémon the Movie.” He also voiced Gravos and King Moros in Slayers Next.

Heroes Dutch Comic Con Summer 2024 DnD mini!

At Heroes Dutch Comic Con, VIPs can once again look forward to a special surprise in their goodie bag: a unique King miniature! But this is where the adventure truly begins. This King is waiting for your personal touch, which means: adding color!

Voice actor Ted Lewis is coming to HDCC!

He was also one of the original voice actors hired by 4kids to work on Pokemon back in 1999, there he voiced iconic characters such as James, Giovanni, Gengar, Snorlax, Haunter, Tracey Sketchit and many more.