Cosplay Village announcement: Multifluffyness


Meet Cosplayer Multifluffyness in our new Cosplay Village!

Who is Multifluffyness?

”Hello ❤️ You may call me Miss fluffy. I’m a plus size cosplayer with a passion for costumes, make-up & spreading positivity. My cosplay name is Multifluffyness and technically I’ve been cosplaying for 13 years now. However, I became a full time cosplayer/influencer in the beginning of 2019. I’ve always enjoyed anime, dressing up, make-up and gaming ever since I was a little girl. I have a fascination for costumes, photography, modelling and bringing a character to life.

I love portraying badass woman, since I think of myself as a powerfull woman, who knows what she wants and stands up for her beliefs.

Being confident wasn’t always the case and that’s where my true passion comes to surface. My passion lies in inspiring people to follow their dreams, no matter their looks or size. My goal; to make other people happy and share knowledge about self-love, cosplaying, making a character fit your own body type, posing and being confident! I am looking forward to meet you. Come say hi.” ❤️

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