Meet our new Cosplay Judge: Meankitteh


New Cosplay Judge: Meankitteh!

”I am Cindy! My Cosplay name is MeanKitteh and I am from the North! More specific, I am from the country Denmark! This Viking goofball has been into the world of Cosplay and conventions since 2010! I’ve had the incredible honour to represent Denmark in several international competitions through the last couple of years: Cosplay World Masters (CWM), Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup (CCCC), European Cosplay Gathering (ECG), International Cosplay League (ICL) and now Nordic Cosplay Championship (NCC). I like to create Cosplays from lots of different things, movies, games, series, anime and cartoons and the list goes on! I Cosplay characters I feel passionate about or feel a connection to or if i get inspired to make a Cosplay show! I make both simple and more detailed Cosplays and is a bit of a all-rounder and have a focus on trying to make a smooth look on the Cosplays and as accurate and true to character and the design as possible, bringing the character to life from the design. I love to perform and entertain. To express a character through me, in a way, is really fun.” – Meankitteh

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