The HDCC last minute tickets will go on sale at 8 p.m.


The Last Minute Tickets for Heroes Dutch Comic Con will go on sale at 20.00 p.m.! Don’t have a ticket yet? Then make sure you”ll get one.


All different fandoms come together for this two-day gathering where individuals can share and show their love with other fans. Heroes Dutch Comic Con presents a diverse program about movies, TV shows, comic books, cosplay, video games, superheroes, fantasy/science fiction, and anime because there are so many different fandoms. There is a ton to learn, see, and experience, but most importantly, it is a ton of fun!

Allow yourself to be entertained by our program or join in the fun by wearing a cosplay outfit yourself. Take on the characteristics of your favorite character and change. You can meet many Special Guests, including actors from TV shows and movies, shop for all kinds of geeky goods in the largest geek market in the country, play a ton of games, attend a variety of panels with guests from the comics industry, and more at this entertaining event.

To make a long tale short, it’s a place where fans can unwind with a weekend of fun and indulge in all their favorite nerdy pursuits. You should definitely attend Heroes Dutch Comic Con for yourself. You’ll become immediately engrossed in the extraordinary and captivating atmosphere.

Have we peaked your interest yet? Then get your tickets today at 20.00 pm!

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