Cosplay Village announcement: Djijser


Meet Cosplayer Djijser in our new Cosplay Village!

What Cosplay Workshop will Djijser be teaching?

If you want to style your first Cosplay wig but don’t know where to start, then the beginner lecture wig styling is perfect for you!” Djijser from Millennium Wigs will explain all you need to know about making the perfect spike in this presentation. She will do it not only with a powerpoint presentation, but also with a brief live demonstration. Even if you have some prior experience, there will be some useful advice among them, so be sure to attend and observe!

She will also conduct an intermediate wig styling presentation in addition to the starting lecture! If you already have some experience and want to work on larger projects, this lecture will cover everything from attaching hairlines to covering abstract forms with hair or giving your wig a specific color!

Visit her booth as well to ask questions and witness close-up techniques. She’ll also bring her wig graveyard with her this time. If you have an old, torn up, crusty wig or scraps that you no longer use, perhaps a wig in the incorrect color, turn them in and get a little something! Almost every wig has the potential for a second life.

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