Comic Field


Welcome to the art section of Heroes Dutch Comic Con presented by studio Sjambar. This is the place where the fans can be creative and briefly become comicartists themselves. Of course we will be there for instructions and guidance so that you will have an amazing experience. Check out all that you can do here. And the best part is, all our activities are free!


As a true comic fan you know that these are drawn in panels. Different panels together form a story. And that’s what the Comic Field is all about, a story told on different panels put in a field. Comics are created in a certain sequence, in pencil, than inks and than the colours. We have done the first two parts, the pencilling and inking. The colouring of the drawings still has to be done and that part is up to the crowd. The challenge is to get all the 20 panels painted at the events end. Come and have fun, let’s paint together!


Take a pen to Heroes Dutch Comic Con to fulfil your bingo card and have a chance to win a little prize! Can you find everything shown on the bingo card at HDCC? The HDCC Bingo is totally fun. Grab your bingo card at the entrance gate or at our stand and play along. See if you can spot all the comic characters. Take a picture and show your findings at the bingotable. Win great prices!


Everything on a comic convention is built around the wonderful medium known as comics. Therefore we have organised a comic drawing workshop where you can get a taste of this medium. You can draw your own comic page, or do several exercises. Also for upcoming talents, bring your drawings along for a review. Rames will give you valuable feedback on your development as a future comic artist.



The Crowd Canvas is part of HDCC since 2017! By now we have an awesome collection of paintings made together with the visitorsof Heroes Dutch Comic Con. We will present some of these paintings during the winter edition. Come and see these unique artpieces only at HDCC!

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