Comic Field


Welcome to the art section of Heroes Dutch Comic Con presented by studio Sjambar. This is the place where the fans can be creative and briefly become comicartists themselves. Of course we will be there for instructions and guidance so that you will have an amazing experience. Check out all that you can do here. And the best part is, all our activities are free!


For the Crowd Canvas at the HDCC 2023 winter edition, we have new challenges in store for the artistic Comic Con visitors. First and foremost, we celebrate the return of the large 2x3m canvas for the first time since 2019(!). Alongside several small canvases, on Saturday, we have chosen the super-popular and amazing world of Genshin Impact. Enthusiasts can admire their screen heroes for the first time on a new platform and even paint them themselves! For the first time, we have brought extra panels for Sunday. The canvases for Sunday are themed around comic art featuring Classic Costumed Marvel Heroes. Furthermore, we have exciting prizes for the top three painters! We evaluate based on these three criteria: Technical skill overall Understanding and application of light Abstraction in backgrounds Participation is free!


And there it is, a new bingo card to guide you purposefully through the vast halls of the Jaarbeurs.You can find the bingo card at various locations such as the entrance, the information booth, and the Crowd Canvas stand. Search together or alone for the images on the card, identify the artist, the stands, the cosplayers, and the props, and capture them in photos. Once you've found everything, submit your bingo card at the Crowd Canvas stand and choose a beautiful prize from the prize table. Please note: Ensure that you do not obstruct or inconvenience anyone while taking a photo:
- Do not take photos of screens actively displaying games
- Be respectful and polite to Cosplayers, and ask for their permission before taking a photo
- Photos of artists are only allowed from a distance

P.S. If you have an Android phone, you can also download and play Hero Quest Bingo from the Google Play Store! The Apple version will be available with the next edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Con.


As always, it's also possible to blow off some steam form the crowded event and find inner peace at our Comic Drawing workshop. We'll set up a large table with all the drawing materials available so that you can step into the shoes of a true Comic Artist. New with this workshop for the talented artists, there is this opportunity to see your work printed on the Crowd Canvas for the next edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Con. We'll select the top three best drawings, giving upcoming talents the chance to see your work published on a Crowd Canvas. Participation is free!


The Crowd Canvas was conceived by artist Rames in 2015 and first executed in 2016. Since then, numerous canvases have been created with various themes. For each canvas design, Rames also creates a color example, showing how the canvas would have turned out if he had painted it himself. However, by handing over the coloring to the public, the canvas takes its own direction despite the color example. Working with the crowd proves to be only partially controllable. In the beginning, when only the black-and-white lines are present, everybody is following the example. But after some time, as the crowd grows and the booth is flooded with visitors, the whole Crowd Canvas team have to work hard to keep things under control. By then, it becomes evident that parts are already different from what is intended in the color example. The drowning in the crowd is the moment when the magic begins, and the canvas starts showing the first signs of the direction it wants to take. The combination of beginners to professional artists results in a phenomenal end result that is always different from what the artist would have done alone. At every edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Con we are proud to exhibit one (or more) of these canvases.