Cosplay Catwalk


Admire all the beautiful Cosplayers during the Cosplay Catwalk on the Main Stage or participate in the show by yourself. The Cosplay Catwalk takes place before the ‘big’ Cosplay Contest. In this stage program, cosplayers show their outfit to the audience in an accessible and accessible way.  

Cosplayers will be on stage for a short moment and will do a so called walk on – walk off. In this way the participants rotate on stage to show their cosplay. Do you want to show your cosplay to the audience on the Main Stage, but don’t want to participate in the “big” Cosplay Contest yet? Then the Cosplay Catwalk is perfect for you! The Cosplay Catwalk is powered by Hype Creations.

We are sorry to hear that many people were unable to register for the Cosplay Catwalk. HDCC has looked at your feedback and with much effort and in cooperation with Hype Creations, we managed to secure a small number of additional spots for each block of the Cosplay Catwalk. These spots will open at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 7.

Want to participate in the HDCC Cosplay Catwalk?

The Cosplay Catwalk is the warm up act for the “big” Cosplay Contest. Grab your moment to shine on the Main Stage of Heroes Dutch Comic Con and show the audience what you’ve got! Do you still want to join the catwalk last minute? Then go and visit the Cosplay-infobooth from HYPE-Creations at Heroes Dutch Comic Con.


Good to know

  • The Cosplay Catwalk is not a competition.
  • The amount of places for the Cosplay Catwalk is limited. Register in time. 
  • There will be no pre-selection (that only applies to the Cosplay Contest).
  • The Cosplay Catwalk will be a so called “walk on – walk off”. You don’t have to prepare an act and get a short time to show your cosplay to the audience.
  • As a participant of the Cosplay Catwalk you have to comply with the rules regarding weapons and props.


Please check the Cosplay FAQ below. Can’t find you question and answer? You can also ask you questions in this Facebook group.

FAQ: Cosplay in general

Most cosplayers would love to pose for or with you. Please do ask them first, and always be respectful.

You can enlist for both editions. Do keep in mind that if you do, your Heroes Dutch Comic Con experience will revolve mostly around cosplay.

We will let you know if you’ve made it into Cosplay Contest or Catwalk as timely as possible. As we get a lot of registrations this may take a little while. However, should you think something went wrong, please send us an email via

Heroes Dutch Comic Con is an all-age convention. All costumes must include a proper amount of skin coverage for public display, as we will have children present. When in doubt please contact Hype Creations via or via their social media channels.

After registration you’ll receive a small bag including a drink and a snack.

FAQ: Cosplay Catwalk

Due the many applications and to keep it accessible for everyone, the participants are randomly selected by our internal team.

The amount of groups are limited to maintain a speedy event. If you want to register as a group please discuss this with Hype Creations. Do keep in mind that you have to register yourself first via the online form.

The catwalk is designed to give everyone a short moment in the spotlight. You are expected to be ready backstage 30 minutes before the event. After the event you are free to spend the day at the convention.

You can wear your own creative designs, mash-ups, personal skins and anything else on the Cosplay Catwalk.

You can participate with a bought design. The catwalk allows all expressions of cosplay. You can wear a store bought costume, or mix and mash bought and created parts.

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