Cosplay & Fan Meet Ups

Let's all come together

At Heroes Dutch Comic Con, fans of a certain theme, brand or character can meet each other at a so-called Cosplay & Fan Meet Ups. Taking (group) photos and meeting other people with the same interest are two main reasons to attend. Cosplay & Fan Meet Ups are not organized by Heroes Dutch Comic Con, but for and by fans. However, we do love Cosplay & Fan Meet Ups and that’s why we are supporting these amazing initiatives! 

organize your own
cosplay & fan meet up

Would you like to bring fans of a certain fandom together or meet people with the same passion? Organize your own Cosplay & Fan Meet Up and let us know when and where it takes place. We’ll put it on this page for you and let all fans know!

Please note that Cosplay & Fan Meet Ups are organized for and by visitors. Heroes Dutch Comic Con a facilitating and promotional role only.


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