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The booksellers of the American Book Center in Amsterdam have been present for years and will be attending the upcoming event yet again. With the ABC pop-up bookstore, they will provide an amazing feature for fans of comics, manga, SF&F books and Dungeons & Dragons at Heroes Dutch Comic Con. 

In addition to books and comics, ABC also organizes the programme at the Cozy Corner – specifically the panels on writing and books – in cooperation with both HDCC and publishing house Zilverspoor. And as always at the ABC stand, guest authors will be signing their books throughout the weekend. Do you want to know who the authors are this time… then scroll down quickly!


Mike Brooks author photo 2018

Mike Brooks

Mike Brooks is the author of The God-King Chronicles epic fantasy series, beginning with THE BLACK COAST; the Keiko series of grimy space-opera novels, beginning with DARK RUN; and various works for Games Workshop's Black Library imprint, including BRUTAL KUNNIN, ALPHARIUS: HEAD OF THE HYDRA, and THE LION: SON OF THE FOREST. He was born in Ipswich, Suffolk, and moved to Nottingham to go to university when he was eighteen, where he still lives with his wife, cats, and snakes. He worked for a homelessness charity for fifteen years before going full-time as an author, plays guitar and sings in a punk band, and DJs wherever anyone will tolerate him. He is queer, and partially deaf (which is not the fault of the punk band)."

Auteursportret Lysander-1

Lysander Mazee

Lysander (1987) studied Theology in Leiden and Classical singing at the Royal Conservatory. These days he teaches a new generation how to read, write, and to love books as a primary school teacher. Lysander writes novels and stories wrought with magical realism, historical elements, Scandinavian folklore, queer main characters and psychological depth. In 2018 his first story, From The Depths was published by Dutch Venture Publishing. In this story, a Norwegian oil rig mechanic unravels the secrets of his family, aided by a selkie with a birth defect. This story is currently being transformed into a graphic novel. Lysander’s first historical fantasy novel, Wolventijd (A Time of Wolves), won a Dutch literary prize in 2023. In Wolventijd, a young man gets kidnapped back to the Viking age to be trained as an elite warrior, but discovers he’s meant for something greater – and much more terrifying. Also in 2023, Lysanders most recent novella Wisselkind (Changeling) was released, returning to the dark forests of Scandinavia and its hidden history of mythical creatures.

Foto Cathinca

Cathinca van Sprundel

Cathinca van Sprundel (1989) fell in love with writing from the moment she could hold a pencil in her hand. After her studies literature and journalism, she’s always busy with words, books and Celtic music. She’s inspired by Celtic myths, legends and fairytales. She brings this tales back to life for a broad audience and creates stories full with adventure. Her debut “Lady of Myrdin” and the novella “The hero of Anwyn” are translated into English. They reimagine stories from the Welsh Mabinogi, a collection of myths from Wales, where you dive into the Otherworld. In “Ellowyns tower” you learn what happens if the damsel in the tower will not be rescued by the prince, but by his sister. Meet her at the American Book Center and discover the magic.

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