Cosplay Guests

Meet these Cosplay Guests at heroes dutch comic con

Would you like to meet famous cosplayers from all around the world? Every edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Con famous cosplayers are invited to take place in the Cosplay Contest jury. Find out which cosplay guests are present at the upcoming edition.



The half Spanish, half Dutch Sakuraflor – Saku in short – is an all-round geek, cosplayer, actress, games and artist. She started making cosplay in 2014 and has been doing it ever since.

Rose Magpie

Our first cosplay judge is Rose Magpie! She’s a cosplayer from Engeland and she’ll be one of cosplayers judging the Dutch cosplays at Heroes Dutch Comic Con!


Cosplayer A.K. WIRRU, who moved from Australia to Canada, is capable of making the most impressive cosplays from scratch! He is one of the cosplay judges who will judge the outfits at Heroes Dutch Comic Con.

Sweet Angel

The third and last cosplay judge is Sweet Angel! At Heroes Dutch Comic Con she’ll be one of the cosplayers who are going to judge your cosplays!

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