Cosplay Guests


Would you like to meet famous cosplayers from all around the world? Every edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Con famous cosplayers are invited to take place in the Cosplay Contest jury. Find out which cosplay guests are present at the upcoming edition.



The half Spanish, half Dutch Sakuraflor – Saku in short – is an all-round geek, cosplayer, actress, games and artist. She started making cosplay in 2014 and has been doing it ever since.


Har_Fie is coming to HDCC! He is a Cosplay, Game and Media Sensation who has made various characters.

iWood Cosplay

Not only has Lorentz won Best in Class Master’s Division in Anime Expo (US largest anime convention) he has also Judged Internationally for WCS (World Cosplay Summit: Mexico). He has done professional work with big game titles such as Apex Legend and Gotham Knights.


Btrix and I form a Cosplay group and together have participated in many Cosplay competitions, in our country, but international as well, we’ve been 2018 and 2022 ECG Romanian group representatives and also lucky enough to also be in the finals of 2022 Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup.


9 years of Cosplay got me a wardrobe full of costumes, a heart full of dear friends, a Cosplay photography project my partner and I built for our community and an overall better way of seeing things, personally and professionally.


I’ve had the incredible honour to represent Denmark in several international competitions through the last couple of years: Cosplay World Masters (CWM), Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup (CCCC), European  Cosplay Gathering (ECG), International Cosplay League (ICL) and now Nordic Cosplay Championship (NCC).

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