cosplay village


Here you will meet a lot of talented and creative Cosplayers. Of course there is also the possibility to purchase unique and exclusive items, or to take photo’s with them. Visiting the Cosplay Village is actually a must for a Cosplay fan!



''I'm really excited to see you all again! I'm a Dutch/Indian Cosplayer and have been active in the community for several years. Cosplay, for me, is my creative outlet; I love to experiment with every aspect involved. Making the costume designs my own, creating matching makeup looks, crafting props, and of course, styling wigs. I also love collaborating with talented photographers/videographers to bring to life the characters we all adore.''


''My name is Dobi and I've been Cosplaying since 2017! I started at 15 and I'm still in the game. I specialize in fabrics and sewing. I also love experimenting and trying new things. That's how I learned to solder and animate LED lighting, as well as crafting. I've got you covered on everything from sewing to armor and props to technical components. Bring your notes and questions, and I'll assist you in moving forward.''


Djijser will once again be giving her lectures on wig styling. This presentation is perfect for beginners, but will also contain many tips that can help advanced stylists! Visit her in the Cosplay Village to see her work up close, ask questions, or seek help with your own wig! If you have a wig that you no longer use, drop it off at her booth in exchange for a little something. This way, your wig has a chance to get a second life!


''Hi everyone! My name is Lene, also known as Lenedoes. I am a Dutch Cosplayer and Content Creator. Besides making clothing and Cosplays, I also love crafting, photography, and gaming! I've been Cosplaying for a few years now with a lot of enjoyment, and I love meeting people who share the same passion for Cosplay as I do! I can talk for hours about making Cosplays, crafting, anime, games, and sports.''


Meet CosplayClues during the upcoming Winter Edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Con in the Cosplay Village in Hall 10! In the CosplayClues webshop you can find all materials for your next Cosplay crafting project. Visit our booth and test our materials for yourself. Our experienced volunteers are happy to help you on your way, and teach you the basics to make your own cosplay project with EVA foam.


We are Cenny and Anniek, a Dutch Cosplay couple. On Social Media you can find us as content creators under the name CenikiCosplay. We like to deal with all the different creative aspects that come with cosplay, creating, modeling, entertainment, but above all we enjoy the fun. Feel free to come by and have a chat with us!