cosplay village


Here you will meet a lot of talented and creative Cosplayers. Of course there is also the possibility to purchase unique and exclusive items, or to take photo’s with them. Visiting the Cosplay Village is actually a must for a Cosplay fan!



''I love portraying badass woman, since I think of myself as a powerfull woman, who knows what she wants and stands up for her beliefs.''


''I started Cosplay a few years ago and truly enjoy bringing my favorite characters to reality. ''


''I love to share my knowledge with the world. Guiding Cosplayers in what they want to create gives me so much joy, to see them succeed and learn!''


In the CosplayClues webshop you can find all materials for your next Cosplay crafting project. Visit our booth and test our materials for yourself.


''I’ve been a Cosplayer for 11 years now and hope to inspire others with my work. I haven’t always been confident with my own body, but with Cosplay I can be the best version of myself! Cosplay is an outlet for me to challenge myself in all areas.''


''Anime, cartoons and games have always been a big influence on me since I was a tiny Dobi and still are. I specialize in the art of making costumes and bringing characters to the real world into detail! I hope to see you there.''


''Visit my booth to ask questions and witness close-up techniques. If you have an old, torn up, crusty wig or scraps that you no longer use, perhaps a wig in the incorrect color, turn them in and get a little something! Almost every wig has the potential for a second life.''


''I love to experiment with every aspect of Cosplay. Making the costume designs your own, creating matching makeup looks, making the props and of course styling the wigs. I also love collaborating with talented photo/videographers to bring the characters we all love to life.''


“If you want something created that nobody’s ever seen before it should be by your own hands. Creating something is one of my biggest passions in Cosplay and I love showing that to everyone. I also love telling everyone how I make everything and the thought and reasons behind it.''