cosplay village


Here you will meet a lot of talented and creative Cosplayers. Of course there is also the possibility to purchase unique and exclusive items, or to take photo’s with them. Visiting the Cosplay Village is actually a must for a Cosplay fan!

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''I'm really excited to see you all again! I'm a Dutch/Indian Cosplayer and have been active in the community for several years. Cosplay, for me, is my creative outlet; I love to experiment with every aspect involved. Making the costume designs my own, creating matching makeup looks, crafting props, and of course, styling wigs. I also love collaborating with talented photographers/videographers to bring to life the characters we all adore.''

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Hi! I'm Nini, but online I'm also often called Sunni! Since 2018, I've been active in the cosplay community, and with this passion, I've never stopped. Right from the start, although clumsy, I had a huge fascination for makeup. This has always been the most enjoyable part of cosplay for me: being able to transform your face into someone else's.



''Hi everyone! My name is Lene, also known as Lenedoes. I am a Dutch Cosplayer and Content Creator. Besides making clothing and Cosplays, I also love crafting, photography, and gaming! I've been Cosplaying for a few years now with a lot of enjoyment, and I love meeting people who share the same passion for Cosplay as I do! I can talk for hours about making Cosplays, crafting, anime, games, and sports.''



We are Cenny and Anniek, a Dutch Cosplay couple. On Social Media you can find us as content creators under the name CenikiCosplay. We like to deal with all the different creative aspects that come with cosplay, creating, modeling, entertainment, but above all we enjoy the fun. Feel free to come by and have a chat with us!

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Hey! I'm Susu, also known as Sususcosplays. I've been cosplaying for almost two years now, and I also love combining my passion for dancing with it. I enjoy sports, gaming, cosplay, and creating looks with makeup a lot. You might also catch me behind a sewing machine making cosplays or crafting small props in my workshop, which I proudly share on Instagram. I can't wait to meet you all in June!

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Hey! I'm a Dutch cosplayer who has been diving into the world of cosplay with enthusiasm for years. I'm mainly focused on armor cosplays, the more intricate, the better is my motto! My whole life is now dedicated to cosplay, and I've been fortunate to meet countless amazing people within this fantastic community. So don't hesitate to come by for a chat!

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Hello everyone! My name is Daisy but online people usually know me as coswithme. I'm a cosplayer and content creator participating in the Cosplay Village this year. I love anime, webtoons, and video games, and usually cosplay from these fandoms. I can't wait to see everyone at the convention, be sure to stop by my booth in the Cosplay Village!



Hi everyone, my name is Tony, also known as Silverngoldsparrow. My strongest suit in cosplay lies in makeup and acting. I do as much research as possible to make it as accurate as I can. I hope to bring characters to life with my cosplays and make people happy with them. Especially with my cosplays Astarion (BG3) and Karl Heisenberg (RE8), I put a lot of love into them.


My name is Laura, but I'm better known in the cosplay community as Persephone Costumes! I've been a cosplayer for over 16 years, and this year I decided to pursue a career in the costume industry. I mainly focus on fantasy and historical costumes like The Witcher, but I'll always have a soft spot for the anime One Piece! I'm looking forward to seeing you all at Heroes Dutch Comic Con!


Heyoo, I'm CosplayPulse, but you can call me Jenn! Since 2013, I've been bringing beloved anime characters to life, turning what started as a birthday treat into a lifelong passion. Rain or shine, my love for cosplay shines through at every convention I attend. When I'm not in costume, you'll find me diving deep into books and/or games, known for my quirky sense of humor. But cosplay is more than just costumes to me; it's about spreading joy and making connections, inspired by the amazing community around me. Come along with me on my journey to brighten the world, cosplay by cosplay!


Hi darlings! My name is Raisa, but I'm better known as Vokunzul. Since 2016, I've been diving into cosplay with full enthusiasm. I really enjoy creating (or enhancing) (bought) cosplays, but as an actor, my passion lies mainly in performance art: the makeup, the acting, the modeling, in short, the transformation!


Also this edition, I, Djijser from Millennium Wigs, will be there again. My beginner's workshop on wig styling is packed with tips and tricks for both beginner and advanced cosplayers! Be sure to stop by my booth in the cosplay village, where I sell art, wigs, and cosplay prints.


I'm Mirracosplay and started my journey at an anime convention, where I was amazed by the amazing cosplays and immediately knew I belonged here. From cosplay photography to making cosplay outfits, I am self-taught and every creation is a challenge. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and encouraging others to take the plunge.