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Welcome to the largest geeky market of the Netherlands! There are many different retailers in the Dealer Hall, which guarantees hours of shopping pleasure. This hall is full of providers of crazy merchandise from infinitely different fandoms. Be warned though: it is almost impossible to leave here empty-handed.

highlights - dealer hall

Stand no: Y37

Stand no: Z13

Stand no: Z03

Stand no: FS07

exhibitor list - dealer hall

Location Exhibitor
FS01 Mode Asia Enterprise
FS03 The Black Ship
FS05 Fabion
FS07 Idle clothing
FS09 Whoops Comics
FS11 Red Dot Commerce
FS13 Asiart Venture
FS15 Fiction Island
FS19 PlamoDX
FS21 NerdUP Collectibles
FS23 Jack Of Dice
FS25 Red Dot Commerce
FS27 The Zero Room
FS29 SpyhinxCreations
FS31 Studio Shepherd Staff
FS33 Dimensione Anime
FS35 Other Side
FS39 Sword Collection SAS
FS41 Instinctive clothing & design KG
FS43 SARL Wanton
FS47 Magix Buttons
A01 Yvolve GmbH & Co
A03 ArrrFantasy
A05 Silvester Strips
A07 Dirtees
B03 Magical Gifts
B04 Der Krämer
C01 Koning En Eindbaas
C03 Mintyfresh
C05 Loeff Bureau Creative
C07 Sorry No Subtitles
C08 Kind of Magic
C09 Bags Boutique Trukado
C11 Let’s Go Kawaii
D01 De Popshop
D03 House Of M Comics
D05 Poppular
D07 CB Enterprises
E01 Games n Geeks
E03 The Wizardry Store
E05 The Coloured House
E07 Nikki Smits
E09 Komikslandia
E11 MyMoviestuff
E13 Zap Toys
F01 Dark Dragon Books
F03 Barbwire & Roses
F05 Nerds Like Us
F07 Renegades tattooshop
G01 Wicked Wigs
G05 Empire Wear
G07 Comics & Manga
G09 Lucky Syrup Clothing
G13 Gugubu UK LTD
H01 Wondertoys
H05 Keep In Mind
H09 Avanii
H11 AKComics
H15 Action Figure Playground
H17 Webbelart
H19 DimensioneBlue Arts
H21 MiyuuHime
H23 Melanie Deijs Illustrations
H25 Rosanne Groeneweg
H27 Evaboneva
H29 Studio Appeltjesgroen
H31 R.E.A.L
H33 Liesbeth Tatjana Visual Arts
H35 Nekkohime
H37 Gouden Stronk
H39 Purochen, Momo and Purico
I01 Abiyx Creations
I03 Arpad Takacs
I05 Kaomoji
I07 SeaPanda Mako
I09 Feniks & Co (Avothea)
I11 Movie Memorablia
I12 Cryzalis
J01 Aniworld4u
J03 Uitgeverij Zilverspoor
J07 Filmspullen
J11 Minque
K01 The Game Galaxy
K03 The Game Galaxy
K05 Nippon Kawaii
K07 Skarbog
K09 C’s
K11 3T Merch
K13 Faeries and Ents
Location Exhibitor
L01 Rotterdam-Comics
L03 Toyhunters
L05 Apnoia
L09 Publisher Young
L11 Magical Creatures
L13 Awesome Arts Europe Ltd
M03 Big Screen Collectables
M05 Howling Riot
M07 Sophia Drenth
M09 Till and Dill
M13 The Game Collectors
M15 Ni-Chan SAS
M17 Awesome Arts Europe Ltd
M19 Signs of the time
M21 Anime import
M23 MediKnight
N03 Wistmans Ltd
N05 Eternal-S
N07 Awesome Arts Europe Ltd
N09 Space & Cartoon Safari
N11 Nondejeu
P01 Werner Movieposters
P03 Black Cat
P05 A1 Toys
P09 Steineflut
P11 Paxx LTD
P13 Retrovirus
P15 Kick ass comics and collectables
Q03 The Collectiblesstore
Q05 Comix-013
Q07 RB Replicas
Q09 ANKA Posters
R01 Heroic Tales
R03 PlamoDX
R05 Madame Catspurrr
R07 Dungeons and Dice
R09 Bitter Kaartje
R13 Unique Brickstore
S01 Autographs
S05 Stripspeciaalzaak De Fantast
S07 Henk Vd Meer
S11 Haede GmbH
U01 TeeTurtle
U03 Mateusz Matusiak
U05 Crafts n Cosplay
U17 CCG en
U19 Side7
U21 Short Box Comics
U23 Trade Mark den Haag
Y01 Startees
Y03 Ridiculous Exclusive Collectibles
Y09 Gerb-Art
Y11 Nendo Addicts
Y13 Just For Fun
Y15 Het Stripfiguur
Y19 Magical Emporium LTD
Y21 Card Game Tokens
Y23 Cheap-Comics
Y25 FilmFreaksOnly
Y27 Dino Jewellery
Y29 Marloes Lupker Illustration
Y31 Moon Collectibles
Y33 Gameplayer
Y35 Paul’s Moviespecialist
Y37 Rene Cards, Games & Collectibles
Y39 EPIXreplay
Y40 Video Game Sneakers
Y43 BattleGear
Z01 The Movie Store
Z03 Gator Film & Game Merchandise
Z07 TF Robots
Z09 Prutsshop
Z11 The Ichigo Shop
Z13 De Foamtastische Huiskamer
Z15 Etienne Collectible Toys
Z17 Made 2 Fit
Z19 Stichting Aniway
Z21 Art A La Carte
Z23 Via Venezia
Z25 Garindan
Z29 Twilight Zone

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