Attitude Holland and ELCFX special make-up will provide the prizes of this years’ Cosplay Contest

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The Cosplay Contest is one of the main elements of Heroes Dutch Comic Con in which cosplayers show their homemade cosplay, perform an act and compete for great prizes. The Prizes of the winter edition are made possible by Attitude Holland and ELCFX Special make-up.

The participants of the Cosplay Contest have a chance to win an Attitude Holland voucher of €75,-. Which they can spend online at Attitude Holland, thé gothic merchandise shop. One of the other prizes is a sculpt gel special make-up workshop provided by ELCFX special make-up.

During the sculpt gel special-make up workshop you will learn in a realistic way how to imitate trauma wounds with details of bones and the muscle structure of the human being. You will learn the latest techniques and use the most unique materials together with an explanation on how to best apply them. After a short introduction to human anatomy, you will practice making bone and muscle structures, cuts, burns, bullet wounds and other trauma wounds. You will even receive a starter set to continue practicing at home! 

The main prize this year is a visit to a Heroes Comic Con within Europe including flight, hotel accommodation and pocket money! Last year EmpiresCosplay ran off with this prize thanks to his Professor Layton cosplay.

Heroes Dutch Comic Con would like to thank Attitude Holland and ELCFX for taking care of the prizes. We wish the participants of the Cosplay Contest the best of luck and of course a lot of fun on the 23rd and 24th of November.


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