Colin O’Donoghue cancelled for winter edition Heroes Dutch Comic Con


Colin O’Donoghue would have been present at the winter edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Con, but had to cancel his arrival due to film obligations which are at the same time as the event. 

Colin says that he regrets his cancellation in a personal video message: “I’m very disappointed that I can’t come by and I want to apologize to the fans who bought a ticket to meet me. If there was any possibility that I could still come by, I would of course have done so. I hope I can make it up to you soon.

The organisation of Heroes Dutch Comic Con explains: “We regret that Colin had to cancel his arrival and were very much looking forward to his presence during the event. We understand the disappointment of the fans and want to emphasize that our guests can only cancel when they have film obligations. These will take precedence at all times. In cooperation with the management, we have searched for a suitable solution, but in vain. We hope to welcome Colin at the next edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Con.”

Visitors who have bought a Photobooth- and/or a Meet & Greet-ticket for Colin will be informed personally as soon as possible. 

Keep an eye on our social media, because today we will bring good news about a new Special Guest.


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