No follow-up to the collaboration between De Stripdagen and HDCC

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De Stripdagen and Heroes Dutch Comic Con have decided by mutual agreement not to have both events take place at the same time. Last two years De Stripdagen took place during the spring edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Con.

Together we look back on a pleasant collaboration, in which we realized these two beautiful editions. We think that it is better for both events to continue separately from each other, with the aim of meeting the specific target groups’ needs more effectively. The organization of Heroes Dutch Comic Con would like to thank the organization of De Stripdagen for the cooperation and wish them good luck in the future.

Although this collaboration will not be continued, there will be a well-filled Comics Area during Heroes Dutch Comic Con on 28 and 29 March 2020. It will be bigger than ever, as it is already the 10th edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Con. This is a reason for us to go big. Think of meeting well known international comic artists, lots of free activities and stands with a wide variety of comics, graphic novels and much more. Make sure you don’t miss the anniversary edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Con and buy your tickets online


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