6 tips to become a better photoshopper

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Do you want to transform yourself into a Avenger or photoshop your cosplay photo but you don’t know how?
Check out these tips!

1) YouTube tutorials

When you have in mind exactly what you want to make, but don’t know where to start at all? Looks familiar! Or that you don’t know exactly how to make it? YouTube tutorials are your salvation! These tutorials explain step by step which layers to select, which effects to add, etc. You can find some helpful tutorials here.

2) Sort layers

It sounds pretty obvious, but sorting layers is not common for everyone. To make sure you don’t lose the overview, it’s essential to sort layers under folders. On top of that, it is easier to arrange a new layer, and your OCD is also tamed.

3) Give layers a name

Another tip of which a lot of people are already aware, however, just like the one before, it is quite often ignored: Give your layers a descriptive name. This makes it easier to select the right layer. With a small project it doesn’t really matter, but as soon as you start a large project, this tip should not be missed

4) Practise, practise, PRACTISE!

Exercise is art, and now it shows again. Apart from your Instagram posts, we also recommend you to copy/shopping other works. This will help you discover the different styles and working methods of Photoshoppers and increase your possibilities. Once you’ve found a nice post, it’s just a matter of… yes… practice!

5) Dive into your toolbar

On the left side of your photoshop is a toolbar. Here you will find the eraser, stamp, blur, etc. Make sure you master the function of all the tools or know what it does. This will save you a lot of tutorials, research, etc. After all, most of it is done from your toolbar! Discover more about the toolbar here.

6) Shortcuts… we love them!

Hotkeys will save you a lot of time. You can use ctrl + t to change the size and shape of an image, ALT + your mouse wheel to zoom in and out, etc. Of course you also have the 3 best-known shortcut keys, namely the copy, cut and paste shortcut keys. There are so many! Take a look at all the shortcuts here and speed up your photoshop work! 



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