How does Empires Cosplay relax during the Cosplay Competitions?

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Empires Cosplay took part in the Cosplay Contest during the March edition of HDCC in 2019 with his Professor Layton cosplay and he won the grand prize. Read more about what he got out of it!

Participating in the Cosplay Contest not only brings you new friendships, but more can come out of it! Empires cosplay didn’t just win the grand prize, but it brought him even more. Part of the grand prize of the Cosplay Contest is a trip to a Heroes Comic Con in Europe, including hotel, flight and pocket money. Empires.cosplay flew to Madrid in 2019 to visit the Heroes Comic Con. Not only was he allowed to see the beautiful cosplayers there during the competitions, he was also asked to sit in the jury of the Cosplay Contest! That was an unforgettable experience.

Cosplaying can sometimes be a bit hard, walking around in your outfit all day long which can sometimes be quite hot or hard wearing a heavy weapon or prop all day. Do you want to know how Empires.Cosplay sought its relaxation between the contest? Then read the short but powerful interview!

What is your best memory of HDCC outside cosplay?
The fantastic game tournaments provide for me every time for the relaxation after a long day of walking around in cosplay.

 What has winning the Cosplay Contest brought you outside HDCC?
Above all, I made a lot of new friends!

What would you give as a tip to new cosplay contest participants?
Explore the stage a bit in advance so you won’t be surprised during your act.

To what extent does the slogan “Where Heroes Meet” fit the Cosplay Contest?
If there is one place where a lot of superheroes come together, it is on the competition stage!

We thank Empires Cosplay for his time and of course we hope to see him back at Heroes Dutch Comic Con!

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