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Today we would like to put one of our favourite Dutch cosplay duo’s in the spotlight, namely Fredette vs Jason. This cosplay duo has been on our event with a photo stand for a couple of years now, so they are no strangers to our event. In the article, we’ll tell you who they are, how they started, and their best memories of HDCC.

The Dutch Fredette has been a cosplayer for quite some time. For instance, her creations, Billy the Puppet and Fredette, have been around for several years. Additionally, she performs at German horror events for a couple of years now. However, the Dutch Fredette didn’t start that big. Namely, she tried grime for the first time a few years ago (A form of make-up/ face paint). This was when her friends asked her if she wanted to facial paint them for a Halloween party. From that moment on, her passion for makeup started. This passion created that she also started cosplaying Freddy Krueger, from Nightmare on Elm Street, “just for fun”. After trying out this cosplay she never stopped.

Fate struck on Friday the 13th when she met “her” Jason in the largest haunted house in the Benelux. That is where the idea arose to become a cosplay duo. They first worked together as a scare actor in different haunted houses. However, soon after, they also went to many German conventions as duo cosplayers. Then the idea arose to go a step further: ‘’Their own photo booth’’.

After a year only cosplaying Fredette and Jason, they expanded their repertoire. They did this by adding characters such as Beetlejuice and Captain Spaulding to the stand, but also by further developing the concept of the stand.

Visitors can have their picture taken in the booth with one or both characters. In addition, there are also several homemade Freddy vs Jason props, and an option for children to have their picture taken with the Jason mask and Freddy glove. For future cons, they plan to make the stand even more interactive. They will do this by allowing everyone the opportunity to play a game and to win a surprise.

Currently, they mainly work in the Netherlands and Germany, but they hope to add more countries to the list in the future. Nevertheless, Heroes Dutch Comic Con holds a special place in their hearts because HDCC is the first convention where they were allowed to set up a stand. Also, their best memories are of the visitors of HDCC. For example, the children who got very excited when they could put on a Freddy glove or a Jason mask for a photo.

Do you want to know more about this cosplay duo? Then follow them on their Instagram and Facebook:

  • Instagram: @dutchfredettevsjason
  • Facebook: @fredettevsjason

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