Winner of the cosplay from your closet competition: Praime Creations


We, Heroes Dutch Comic Con, organised a cosplay competition on our Facebook page. This competition had only one rule; The cosplay should be made with clothes from your closet. The winner of this competition won the opportunity to get an interview about their cosplay journey on the Heroes Dutch Comic Con website. Many cosplayers participated however, we chose three winners. Last week, we revealed the first winner and today we can finally reveal the second winner, namely Praime Creations! In this article, you can read about who she is as a cosplayer.

Who is Praime Creations?

Praime Creations won with this picture of different closet cosplays of Disney characters. She started with closet cosplays since the corona time. However, she didn’t start with these kinds of cosplays. Praime Creations started cosplaying since her theatre choir was discontinued. In this theatre group, she could always wear the pretties and the most extravagant costumes. So, quickly after the group stopped, she began to miss standing in the spotlights and wearing costumes. Consequently, a friend of her persuaded her to start cosplaying. This is already eight years ago.

Praime Creations started cosplaying for the acting aspect of cosplay and to truly becoming the character. She still believes that this aspect of cosplaying is one of her favourites. However, throughout her cosplay journey, she also discovered her love for making costumes. This creativity didn’t come out of anywhere. From a young age, she already learned how to embroider and how to hand-sew. This love for creating the costumes is also one of the reasons she makes all her cosplays herself. When she creates the costumes she always strives to put the smallest details in her costume. This way Praime creations believes she can differentiate herself from other cosplayers. For instance, she told us about her newest project of Rapunzel. In this dress, there will be lights integrated. This dress will be revealed on her birthday in June.


Praime creations also created a unique style by cosplaying many Disney and other fantasy characters. This style originates from the love she has for Disney since she was young. This love she took over from her mom, who also is a big Disney fan. She continues by adding: ‘’ I have tried to cosplay more characters besides Disney, but I keep coming back to it.’’

Cosplay community

The cosplay community is a phenomenon that is perceived by many as a welcoming community. Praime Creations had similar experiences with this. For instance, she talked about how her autism made it more difficult for her to make a connection with others. For this reason, she was often looked at strange when she started about her love for Disney. This is the complete opposite in the cosplay community. Everyone in the community always made her feel welcome and part of the group. This made it easier to make new friends who all have the same passion for cosplay and Disney as her.

Tips from Praime Creations

The most important tip she wants to give to all cosplayers is to never compare yourself to other cosplayers. ‘’I look back on my first cosplay with a combination of shame and pride. I think: why did I go out looking like that? However, at the same time, it shows me how far I have come.’’ She added on this by saying that others could have more experience so look at your own growth and to what you have achieved already.

Have you become enthusiastic about Praime Creations? Follow her on Instagram @praime.creations


  • Photo of Belle: @metjamie
  • Photo of Ariel: @tonpeterbroers

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