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HDCC Community digital events on 20 & 21 November !

After we announced that Heroes Dutch Comic Con has sadly been postponed to 26th & 27th of March 2022, we have noticed a lot of online events popping up on the original set date of HDCC this weekend on the 20th & 21st of November. We loved that even though the community can not meet up in real life these online initiatives are started. This is why we decided to make this page where we can highlight these events.

Are you organizing an HDCC online event this weekend? Don’t hesitate and let us know by filling out our contact from and we will add you to the list!


Comic Con live sale

Hosted by: Shortbox Comics, Comix-013 & Comic-stash
Date: 20 November & 21 November


A.K. Wirru Twitchstream

A.K. WIRRU wants to make sure DCC fans still get some sort of cosplay fun instead of nothing! So he is making his FLAMING MOLTRES James cosplay on Twitch from start to finish!

Days: Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Time: around 9pm

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