Charles Soule is our thrid Comic Artist


Comic Book writer Charles Soule is coming to Heroes Dutch Comic Con! He is our third artist and best known for writing Daredevil, She-Hulk, Death of Wolverine, and various Star Wars comics from Marvel Comics.

Charles Soule is a New York City-based novelist, comic book writer, musician, and attorney. He has worked for DC, Marvel Comics, Star Wars comics and many other publishers. His first novel, The Oracle Year, was released in April 2018 by the Harper Perennial imprint of HarperCollins. Charles is also one of the founding creators of STAR WARS: THE HIGH REPUBLIC which began with his #1 New York Times’ best-selling novel Light of the Jedi which released in January 2021.

He is currently writing Marvel’s flagship Star Wars comic, EIGHT BILLION GENIES, and Undiscovered Country. 

He also has a new series HELL TO PAY (with Will Sliney & Rachelle Rosenberg) coming out later in 2022. Meet Charles during the upcoming edition in the Comics Area! Star Wars fans sign your Comic Books!

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Important Update: David Tennant

Here is an important update regarding our special guest, David Tennant. Unfortunately, we have just received the news that David, due to filming commitments, will not be able to attend Heroes Dutch Comic Con. We understand that this is a great disappointment and that you, as a fan, were very much looking forward to this moment.