War Child x Heroes Dutch Comic Con for children in war

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Heroes Dutch Comic Con (HDCC) supports War Child. Together, our dream is that all children can live the way they want. Free to play, free to grow, and free to be. That is why we are organizing the ‘War Child Safe Space’ on June 24 and 25 at the biggest Comic Con in the Netherlands. Here you can experience how War Child works. Together with all the visitors we support thousands of children in war.

Safe spaces
230 Million children grow up in war. Many are overwhelmed with manifestations of distress; they live in fear and uncertainty. All these children have a right to have a childhood in peace. That is why we create safe spaces for these children. Through sports and play activities we help children deal with their traumatic experiences, so they can rebuild their future.

Heroes Dutch Comic Con
Do you want to experience how we work in these safe spaces and do you want to support our work for children in war? Then come to HDCC at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht on June 24 or 25and visit the War Child Safe Space and lets play together. Because together we can make a real difference.

HDCC is the largest comic con in the Netherlands with over 50,000 visitors per edition! During this two-day event, fans of movies, series, comics, games and cosplay come together to share their passion with other enthusiasts.

Would you like to support? Donations can be made through our ticket shop. A donation of €1,- is already possible.

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