Cosplay Village announcement: Sammyscosplay


Meet Cosplayer Sammyscosplay in our new Cosplay Village!

Who is Sammyscosplay?

”I don’t know when to quit. Giving up is not in my vocabulary. There is no project crazy enough to keep me from it. I am Cosplaying now for almost 7 years and in these years I learned so much. Not only when it comes to creating but also about what I like and want. I love to share my knowledge with the world. Guiding Cosplayers in what they want to create gives me so much joy, to see them succeed and learn!

I want to guide more Cosplayers in the future. You can never stop learning and that’s what I want to show. If you’ve got passion, are eager to learn and love to challenge yourself you can achieve anything. I want and will motivate you to get out of your comfort zone and take the risk! This is how I want to create a more open Cosplay community where Cosplayers shouldn’t be afraid about having no experience, don’t know how to start or wearing bought Cosplays! I’m open to help anyone and everyone with reaching their Cosplay dream! I’m still not close to reaching the finish line and I hope I will not reach it anytime soon! I’m Sammyscosplay and I’m a self-taught artist who still learns everyday!” – Sammyscosplay

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