Cosplay Village announcement: Stellar Cosplay


Meet Cosplayer Stellar Cosplay in our new Cosplay Village!

Who is Stellar Cosplay?

”Hii everyone! I’m Stellar Cosplay and I’m really excited to see you all! I am a Dutch/Indian Cosplayer and have been active in the community for several years. I went to cons as a young teenager, but didn’t dare to take the first step towards wearing a Cosplay until 2019. And this was the start of my biggest hobby that I don’t plan to stop doing for a long time!

Cosplay is my creative outlet; I love to experiment with every aspect of cosplay. Making the costume designs your own, creating matching makeup looks, making the props and of course styling the wigs. I also love collaborating with talented photo/videographers to bring the characters we all love to life.

I would love to talk to you about these characters, your favorite series, games, you name it!” – Stellar Cosplay

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