Have a chance to win an ERAZER game room


MEDION ERAZER has announced that they will continue as an independent brand called ERAZER.

As an established manufacturer of high-quality gaming hardware with over 15 years of experience in the market, the company is fully committed to the gaming industry and committed to strengthening the community spirit and cohesion in the gaming world. To proudly present itself as an independent brand within the community, ERAZER will visit several European countries with a special ERAZER truck.

“By positioning ERAZER as an independent brand, we strengthen our identity and can fully focus on the ERAZER gaming lineup,” says Dirk-Jan Hartog, Marketing & PR Manager – North-South Region. “ERAZER is a brand for all gamers, regardless of age and gender. We not only offer high-end models for esports enthusiasts and hardcore players, but also entry-level products for more casual gamers. By separating the ERAZER name from MEDION, we can both current and new users show that we are serious when it comes to gaming.”

Special ERAZER truck on display
To drive engagement within the gaming community and introduce the new brand name to the world, ERAZER is organizing a special European tour. With a converted show trailer, ERAZER will visit three of the largest gaming events in Europe in November. The truck will be present at Dutch Comic Con in Utrecht on November 18 and 19. In addition to Dutch Comic Con, ERAZER will also be present at Paris Games Week in France (November 1-5) and Dreamhack in Sweden (November 23-26).

Complete ERAZER line-up present during European tour
People visiting the truck can get hands-on experience with ERAZER’s complete gaming lineup, including the powerful gaming laptops Beast X40, Major X20, or Defender P40. High-end gaming PCs can also be tested, such as the ultra-efficient ERAZER Bandit X20. Futuristic-minimalist PC models such as the Hunter X30, Mechanic X20, and Enforcer X10 and X15 are also available for testing in the truck. In addition to gaming on ERAZER’s excellent gaming products, visitors also have the chance to win goodies, attend showcases, or watch influencers stream live from the truck. The icing on the cake is that visitors have the opportunity to realize their biggest gaming fantasy: racing on a life-size gaming laptop that stands more than two meters high.

Your chance to win an ERAZER gameroom
Throughout the month of November, ERAZER will be hosting a next-level giveaway live on Twitch. From November 1, there will be a 24/7 live stream on Twitch that everyone can participate in to fill the ‘hype meter’. This can be done by using specific hashtag #erazergameroom, mentions, comments on specific posts and more, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Twitch. It is up to the community to unlock every piece of gear and have a chance to win the complete game room. A total of three game rooms will be given away, one for the Netherlands, one for France and one for Sweden. Check out the special livestream now on Twitch via the following link.

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