Level up! Come to Heroes Dutch Comic Con at the GameSquare!


Come to Heroes Dutch Comic Con and immerse yourself in the latest gaming technology from Intel, ASUS, Samsung, and Sora Stream. 

GameSquare unites Gaming and Technology with powerful partners. Upgrade your gaming experience with the best hardware and components from Intel, ASUS, Samsung, and Sora Stream in the GameSquare, powered by ALSO. Ready for the next level? Make sure you’re there!

Discover the power of advanced hardware and premium components to take your gaming adventure to a new level. Visit the GameSquare, powered by ALSO, and dive into the world of gaming at Heroes Dutch Comic Con!

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Exclusive Preview Night during Summer edition 2024!

Next year, we’ll be celebrating ”10 years of Heroes Universe” together with you! The event, entirely dedicated to pop culture, has rapidly grown into the largest comic con in the Netherlands, thanks to you. Twice a year, we open the doors for an unforgettable two-day program at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, and it’s only getting better.

Have a chance to win an ERAZER game room

MEDION ERAZER will operate as an independent brand called ERAZER. With over 15 years of experience in the market as an established manufacturer of high-quality gaming hardware, the company is totally committed to the gaming industry and committed to fostering community spirit and togetherness in the gaming world. ERAZER will travel numerous European nations with a special ERAZER vehicle to proudly present itself as an independent brand within the community.