THE BOY AND THE HERON – the latest film from the grandmaster Hayao Miyazaki – will be exclusively in theaters and IMAX from December 27! The film has also been nominated for a whopping 2 Golden Globe Awards in the categories of Best Motion Picture – Animated and Best Original Score – Motion Picture.

THE BOY AND THE HERON is currently the number one film in North America and will be available everywhere in the Netherlands from December 27, including IMAX! The film also has the chance to take home awards as it has been nominated for 2 Golden Globe Awards. THE BOY AND THE HERON is in the running for Best Motion Picture – Animated and Best Original Score – Motion Picture.

THE BOY AND THE HERON, by grandmaster Hayao Miyazaki, is a new and imaginative epic. Mahito, a boy trying to cope with the death of his mother, enters a world inhabited by both the living and the dead. In this world, death blurs, and life resurrects in a new form. The semi-autobiographical The Boy and the Heron is Hayao Miyazaki’s first film since the Oscar-nominated The Wind Rises, and it is once again an autobiographically inspired tribute to friendship. The director has previously created masterpieces such as SPIRITED AWAY, MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO, and PRINCESS MONONOKE.

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