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Magic Galaxies

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We are a small but dedicated company, started in 1995. We are operating on The Spui Bookmarket in Amsterdam, every Friday, large book fairs in the Netherlands, Comic Cons, Fantasy fairs. We are specialized in science fiction and fantasy books in the english language. Our selection of books are in the broadest terms in this genre, we sell new and used books on science fiction and fantasy films/series from Star Wars to Star Trek, Harry Potter, Marvel Superhero films, Doctor Who, just to name a few, from Art books to paperbacks and everything in between. We also sell second hand and new game books, such as Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, Warhammer, Warcraft and new Game Art Books. We are also specialized in How To Draw books for the budding and serious artists for manga, game and anime art, but also for art of drawing, scathing. We have a large collection of secondhand old and not so old science fiction and fantasy paperbacks, tradebacks, hardbacks as well.


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