Play zone


You can participate in several activities in the Play zone. A regular component in the Play Zone is House of Wax, a theatre group that transforms a bare exhibition floor into a themed spectacle. In addition, there are various sporting activities, such as learning to fight with swords. And are you still looking for the love of your life? Then join the Heroes Dutch Comic Con Speed date for free!


Active Heroes

Welcome to the brand new area in the Play Zone: The Active Heroes Area! Take part in many active workshops like swordfighting and K-pop dancing!

House of Wax

The founding father of House of Wax Entertainment has sadly passed away. Cor Vermeulen, the king of the fantasy and reenactment world is no longer here, but his spirt will definitely live on. Walk through our Enchanted Forest to Kings Village and experience how de king is honored through singing, dancing, and battles all in the midst of vibrant medieval daily life. After walking through the gates at the end of this medieval village you are greeted by a Great Hall where you can find our King resting in a field of flowers. We invite you to come and show your last respects to our king. Feel free to lay some flowers or letters for him. Long live the King….. Never Stop Dreaming!


Do you want to participate in one of the speeddate sessions? You can! Four speeddate sessions are held on Saturdays and Sundays. A total of 40 places are available for each session. Be quick, because the places will be quickly forgiven. The minimum age for participation is 18 years and the condition is that you are single.

VIP lounge

Have you always wanted to experience the benefits of a VIP? Then you should try a Heroes Dutch Comic Con VIP ticket. In addition to access Heroes Dutch Comic Con, the ticket offers you a lot more advantages. You read them here!


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