Get a cool tattoo or a design during Heroes Dutch Comic Con!

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Do you want a crazy tattoo of your hero or a design of it? Everything is possible at Studui44tattoos at Heroes Dutch Comic Con! 

Studio44tattoos is a very renowned tattoo studio, located in Zoetermeer. The studio breathes comics and Rock ‘n Roll! With comics collectibles all over the place and guitars hanging on the wall from world’s greatest rock icons, the atmosphere is very pleasant and inspiring.

On both days of Heroes Dutch Comic Con you can see how a big spectacular Iron Man tattoo will be tattooed as the beginning of a Marvel sleeve. For similar tattoos, Studio44tattoos is the place to be.

Choose from the most varied range of cool movie related designs or let us design your own dream tattoo. Our friendly team is present to provide you with all necessary information.

Do you want an unique tattoo or a design? Everything is possible, if it’s feasible during Heroes Dutch Comic Con. Send Studio44tattoos a message with your wished or visit them during the event. Be on time, there are limited spaces.

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The Crowd Canvas returns to Heroes Dutch Comic Con

Prepare yourself, you will not leave the winter edition of Heroes Dutch Comic empty-handed! We can already announce that the Dealer Hall is sold out. With more than 225 stands there is a more diverse offer than ever before. 

The first Special Guest announcement

Besides the fact that August 15 at 12.30 the regular ticket sales will start, also the first Special Guest will be announced. You’ll have the opportunity to buy a photobooth ticket for this Special Guest right away. Today you could find a hint about the Special Guests on the social media channels of Heroes Dutch Comic Con! Or maybe two… Would there be another hint coming soon?

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