Win two tickets for the Avengers Marathon on the 28th of April in Kinepolis

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Finally! Today is the day where all Marvel-fans have waited for. Avengers: End Game, the exciting sequel to Avengers: Infinity War, can finally be seen in cinemas.

On the internet there have been many discussions about the continuation of the story or about how the film will end. Because after all what happened in Avengers: Infinity War it seems like the superheroes are losing a battle for the first time. Some of the heroes have been wiped out and it’s not clear if they’re still alive. Some of the Avengers did survived Thanos’ attack, including Iron Man, Thor and Captain America. But what will happen to them? Will the other heroes return or will they be gone forever? Can Thanos be defeated?

During the last edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Com you could put your Marvel knowledge to the test inside the KineQuiz-caravan of Kinepolis, where you could also win some great prizes.

But also this week you can win a nice prize by joining the discussion about the continuation of the film. Which one of the Avengers should beat Thanos and how? React to today’s Give Away Wednesday post on our Facebook or Instagram and maybe you’ll win two cinema tickets to the Avengers Marathon in the Kinepolis on 28 April.

Read more about the Avengers Marathon:

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Regular ticket sales starts 15 august

As fast as the Early Bird tickets flew, you should be warned by now! The organization announced that the sale of the regular tickets will start August 15th at 1PM! Write it with capital letters in your calendar and ensure yourself off a ticket. 

Winner VIP ticket upgrade

Even before the official closing date they were sold out, the Early Bird tickets for the winter edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Con on 23 and 24 November 2019. From the 10th of May until the 31st of May, you could already assure yourself of an Early Bird ticket for the cheapest price. The tickets sold out in record time.

Brand new website is now live

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