Update 1G access policy

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Good news! It has just been announced that from March 23, the 1G policy will no longer be in effect for events of more than 500 visitors. This means that no 1G policy will be applied during the upcoming edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Con!

The coronavirus may no longer be in effect, but we recommend you to keep in mind the following;  

• If you wish, you can continue to wear a face mask.
• Keep as much distance as possible.
• Feeling sick? Stay at home!

Below you see the most frequently asked questions:

Are my tickets still valid?
All tickets from the advanced editions are automatically converted to tickets for this edition, unless you have requested a refund or voucher. Tickets with the correct date can be downloaded via the original confirmation email.

I have lost my tickets, can they be resent?
Yes, this is possible. You can send them to yourself via: https://consumer.paylogic.nl/tickets/

Can I also enter on Sunday with my Saturday ticket?
No, Saturday tickets can only be used on Saturday and Sunday tickets can only be used on Sunday. Because we are completely sold out, it is no longer possible to change the day.

Can I give my ticket to someone else?
Yes, that’s possible. Don’t forget to report a name change via this link: https://personalize.paylogic.com/ticket-transfer?

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