Artist announcement: Amanda Conner!


Award winning artist Amanda Conner started in comics began working on the Marvel Comics Barbie line and Disney’s Gargoyles comics, which quickly led to her working with the top writers in the field, such as Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, Warren Ellis and Garth Ennis on titles such as X-Men, Vampirella, Two-Step, and her creator-owned Eisner nominated one shot, The Pro.

Since then, Amanda has moved on to illustrating many of the top comics in the industry including Supergirl, Painkiller Jane, Wonder Woman, Powergirl, Terra, Gatecrasher and so much more. She was the co-writer and artist along with Darwyn Cooke on the Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre project and since has worked with her writer husband co-writing and illustrating Harley Quinn series for DC COMICS and her own creator series BOOM-POW for her company Paperfilms.

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Exclusive Preview Night during Summer edition 2024!

Next year, we’ll be celebrating ”10 years of Heroes Universe” together with you! The event, entirely dedicated to pop culture, has rapidly grown into the largest comic con in the Netherlands, thanks to you. Twice a year, we open the doors for an unforgettable two-day program at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, and it’s only getting better.