Joanna Robinson and Dave Gonzales, history by two of the biggest podcasters in Spotify! 🎧🎤


Joanna Robinson and Dave Gonzales, history by two of the biggest podcasters in Spotify! 🎧🎤

Joanna Robinson and Dave Gonzales are coming to HDCC to talk about the new book ”MCU”. Visit their Q&A on the Main Stage: The reign of the MCU.

JOANNA ROBINSON is a podcaster and cultural critic for the Ringer appearing on several shows including The RingerVerse, House of R, Trial By Content, The Prestige TV feed, and more. A senior writer at Vanity Fair from 2014– 2021, she was also the founder and co-host of the independent podcasts A Storm of Spoilers and A Cast of Kings. Joanna has been profiled in the San Francisco Chronicle, IndieWire, and Recode Media for her work on pop culture. In 2019, Syfy dubbed her the “Queen of Game of Thrones” for her exhaustive (and exhausting) coverage of the biggest TV event of the young century. Her own website is:

DAVE GONZALES is a writer, producer, and podcast host living in Denver, Colorado. He has written about movies and pop cul-ture for the New York Times, the Guardian,, TVGuide. com,,,, and, including a weekly column about Marvel at from 2013– 2017. While attending New York University, he co-founded the independent podcast Fighting In The War Room, one of Time maga-zine’s top ten podcasts of 2021. After returning to Colorado, Dave expanded his podcast work, hosting The Storm: A Lost Rewatch Podcast and Trial By Content for The Ringer network. He has been an animation producer for the Teen Mom franchise on MTV since 2009.

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