Fanclubs in the spotlight: Ghostbusters Dutch Division

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We, from Heroes Dutch Comic Con, would like to put one of our fan clubs in the spotlight. Namely, The Ghostbusters Dutch Division. This fan club could be seen at almost all editions of Heroes Dutch Comic Con. Where every year they make their stand memorable. For this reason, we would like to put them in the spotlights.

The ghostbusters Dutch Division (GBDD) started as a small group of Ghostbusters fans on Facebook. On This Facebook page, they shared stories and pictures about their common passion. In 2013, they began to talk about how great it would be if they could promote Ghostbusters at conventions. So, the Proton Packs were made, the PKE-meters were charged, the traps were emptied and that means the GBDD was ready for their first event!

The first event became Heroes Dutch Comic Con in 2015. This indicated that their first edition was directly an enormous convention. Until today we still look back at this edition with pride.

The group exists of 15 individuals with costumes from the 80’s edition of the movie, some of the 2016 reboot and some even have plans to make props from the new movie, Ghostbusters Afterlife, which would be released this November.

The stand of GBDD at Heroes Dutch Comic Con is every year a crowded and busy place. It’s the hotspot for everything regarding to Ghostbusters. Would you like to take a picture with Vigo? Or would you rather give a hug to Mr Stay Puft? Or do you dare to wear the nuclear accelerator? At the stand of GBDD, you can do it all! Naturally, with the joy of hearing the well-known theme-song over again.

The GBDD is a group by fans for fans with everyone their own interests. So, when you ask the question “who you gonna call?” GBDD is the answer.

Do you want to follow this great fan club? Then check out their social media channels:

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